Glow Ball 9-5-14

The 2014 Glow Ball event couldn’t have been played on a more fantastic night, as the rain held off until everyone came in. A huge thanks to the Balogs for providing superb food and drinks beforehand, as everyone enjoyed the evening immensely. We paid out nine places for the event and the results are as follows.

1st– Attwell/Finnerty                       30.0                            $30.00           Each

2nd– Rodenhauser                            33.1                             $27.50           Each

3rd– Fishaback                                   33.3                            $25.00          Each

4th– Kostansek                                  33.4                            $22.50           Each

5th– Kolp                                            35.1                             $20.00           Each

6th– Atkinson                                    36.1                             $17.50            Each

7th– Kondrat                                      36.2                            $15.00            Each

8th– Romito                                       36.6                            $12.50            Each

9th– Kanzleiter                                  37.0                            $10.00            Each

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