WMGA 7/26/14

The Saturday Men’s group had around 40 guys play in hot, but beautiful weather. The format was net best ball of the 2 with a blue and white flight. Don’t forget to sign up on fore tees for the August one day member guest, which is on the 3th of August. The results for the day are as follows.

White Flight

1st Wells/Hurley                                 62           25.00 Each

2nd Gibbons/Caito                            63           22.50 Each

3rd Dotson/Wood                              64           20.00 Each

T 4th Sosic/Achberger                    65           13.75 Each

T 4th Achberger/Zenisek               65           13.75 Each

T 4th Dotson/Reitzes                       65           13.75 Each

T 4th Mortenson/Harper               65           13.75 Each

Blue Flight

1st Rosengard/Babb                        63           22.50 Each

2nd Rudolph/Kuniega                    64           20.00 Each

3rd Schneider/Rath                        65           17.50 Each

T 4th Plemen/Vidmar                    66           13.75 Each

T 4th P.Anderson/Vidmar           66           13.75 Each

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