Dr. Holly Timberlake, PhD., DECP

Professional History
I have been a therapist now for over 27 years and have been an Energy Psychologist for almost 10 years. My beginnings were in women’s issues and eating disorders at Oberlin College. I have worked in community mental health and at a psychiatric in-patient facility, giving me a deep understanding of the effects of emotional pain. My private practice began in 1990 before I completed my PhD in Counseling and Human Development with a minor in Clinical Psychology. In 1999, I opened my first office in Kent–Holistic Psychological Center– expanding it into integrative healing arts later that year. Since then I have been offering psychotherapy that is holistic and energetic, while at the same time creating a healing arts center where other alternative healers and healthcare providers could work in a healthy, eco-friendly, mutually supportive and growth filled environment. In March of 2008, I downsized my healing arts business and moved the practice to Hudson, Ohio.

My focus is now on my therapy practices here and in Chicago (in the early stages of development) as well as in the development of websites and on-line materials and tools for personal empowerment, healing of trauma and releasing enhanced capacity for personal, relational and career success. Over the years, my practice has been based on Gestalt, Existential, Cognitive Behavioral, and Feminist Therapy, interweaving art therapy and interactive guided imagery. Energy modalities have increased the effectiveness and speed of psychological healing as has Holographic Memory Resolution–a form of guided imagery that is tremendously effective in accessing and healing early childhood events contributing to adult unhappiness. Helping a client to remember the highest truth of who they are, to feel the reality of this truth, and to envision and feel themselves living their lives from this highest truth is a very nourishing, encouraging, and motivating practice that clients particularly enjoy.

I Can Help You Overcome:

Anxiety, Depression, Post-Traumatic Stress
Low Self-Esteem
Negative/Limiting Beliefs
Emotional Effects of Physical Disease
(from diagnosis, to life style change, to issues that set the stage for the development of disease)
Eating Disorders
Addictive and Co-dependent Patterns

I Can Help You Develop:

Enhanced Performance
Positive Outlook and Orientation
Positive Outlook and Orientation
(from diagnosis, to life style change, to issues that set the stage for the development of disease)
The ability to Manifest Miracles in Your Own Life!

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