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Our homes are designed around two great Walden values: love of nature and love of architecture. Our intent is to create communities that allow our residents to live in beautiful structures that are efficient and easy to live in, structures that not only coexist peacefully with nature, but allow their residents to feel nature within their homes.

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Walden homes are situated in the landscape in a way that allows the best natural views and maximum privacy. Our homes are efficient, functional spaces that are environmentally sound as well as architecturally beautiful. Our designs are spacious and open, and we’ve included large windows that allow in lots of light as well as dramatic, scenic views of the Walden landscape. Using building materials from the region, we’ve made our communities contextually appropriate, too.

Walden homes cannot be mistaken for the large, tract mansions of the 80’s and 90’s. At Walden, we value efficient and aesthetic use of land, modest beauty in design, gracious style, and architecture that allows residents the easy contemplation of nature.

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