A Day In The Life Of A Spa Director – Vichy Shower

A Day In The Life Of A Spa Director – Vichy Shower

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Have you considered what “A Day in the Life of a Spa Director” was like?  Possibly not, but if you find yourself curious, let me share this with you.

Today I had the tough job of testing out one of our seasoned staff members Lindsey Motill on a 90-minute Vichy Wrap.  The term “testing out” means, prior to staff performing this service on our valued guests, we ensure they have executed each protocol experience to Spa Walden standards.   I must say it has been over 4 years since I have received this service and am kicking myself that I haven’t scheduled it repeatedly before today.  So that one day, you too, don’t have this same regret, let me create a picture for you of what this featured Spa Walden service entails.

This service begins in our luxury Vichy suite.  In this Vichy suite is in addition to our relaxing spaces is a wet room where your practitioner will guide you to the massage table, where you will rest face down, on top of our wet treatment table. The practitioner drapes your body with an additional towel and turns on the pulsating Vichy shower which is positioned a few feet above your body.  Immediately the warmth of the water melts away any concern surrounding the treatment and you relax into a peaceful bliss.  The practitioner turns on and off specific shower heads to start and stop water flow over your legs or the areas of the arms and back so that they can scrub your body unaffected by water flow. Your practitioner spends the perfect amount of time on each part of the body giving it just the right and necessary amount of attention.

At this point, the water shuts off completely as the practitioner assists you to a supine position….which simply means, you are now “face up”.   A towel is meticulously and strategically placed around your face and eyes to eliminate little water droplets from distracting your slumber.  Again, the water is turned on, and the dance between the scrub and practitioner take place.   The water cascades from above removing the scrub and revealing a healthy soft skin ready to accept the wrap ingredients.

During the generous, full body application of the wrap, or body mask, that you had previously selected for either hydration or detoxification is applied. You will then be cocooned in a thermal wrap, heated by the water.   If you didn’t already think this was decadent, here is what happens next.  As you lie, wrapped on the Vichy table, the water comes back on.  Alternating waves of warm water are in total sync with the rhythms of my breath.   I was surprised, delighted and fully surrendered to the next service of shampoo & conditioning scalp massage while my body benefited from the raining Vichy.

The service completed as my practitioner opened the cocoon and allowed the water to wash me clean.  The finishing touch was a full body massage to further hydrate my skin.  With my journey complete I was left to contemplate – with this high touch and effective, results driven treatment, why have just a standard massage? I’m looking forward to my next Vichy.

So here is my recommendation.  Try a Vichy Scrub 60-minutes or Vichy Wrap 90-minute and receive a $50 or $75 credit towards your final bill. We would be happy to offer this special until the next Spa Director Special appears! Book online at: www.yourwalden.com/spa or call us at 330-995-9772

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