Advice Corner by Amanda Mack – Spa Technician

Cold weather, a stressed body, and less activity during your day can lead to the body’s blood and lymph systems getting stagnate. All these  factors can lead to the onset of seasonal illness.

Spa Walden’s 90-minute Lymphatic Facial is focused on applying gentle pumping massage technique used to drain sinus pressure and potentially elevate the immune system. Lymphatic massage can help to stimulate circulation, which boosts the body’s ability to eliminate waste and absorb nutrients. Spa Walden Practitioners have been trained in the original Dr. Vodder Method of Manual Lymph Drainage. This in depth training to Walden practitioners was provided by a former colleague of Dr Vodder’s. This relaxing, rhythmic treatment not only provides relief from seasonal sinus pressure, but also helps you feel more relaxed and at ease with your cold winter body. This treatment is also helpful in reducing swelling, and is wonderful to have done in preparation for surgery or to help with a more speedy recovery.

The Lymphatic Facial is inclusive of a gentle cleanse, exfoliation and mask. The massage technique is performed with an uplifting citrus blend across the decolletage, face and scalp. The entire Facial is focused on using the Vodder Method of massage to help with Lymph Drainage.

Try this 90 minute advanced service with a ($57.78 Savings) also receive 20% off Walden’s Sinus Blend of essential oils featuring Australian Fragonia.

90-minute Lymphatic Facial
Original Cost $314.58 inclusive of all taxes and 20% facility charge
Advice Corner Cost $256.80 inclusive of all taxes and 20% facility charge

Sinus Blend
Original Cost $53.50
Advice Corner Cost $42.80


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