Brisket Serving at the Club

Brisket Serving at the Club


Some foods will improve your meal, your mood, your day; Brisket will improve your life.

A basic brisket requires little more than a few juicy ingredients to keep it from drying out. That and the patience to wait for it to cook s…l…o…w…l…y.

Is there something to the fact that brisket is just so unpretentious? Brisket is completely comfortable with what it isn’t. Brisket isn’t some snobby dish you can’t pronounce or afford. It’s as content bathed in ketchup as it is nestled in a day-after taco.

On a cooking level, it’s a perfect culinary blank canvas, adept at adapting to everything you rub on or throw in, from garlic salt to Liquid smoke to miso to gingersnaps to huge gulps of Coca Cola.

On an emotional level, you can celebrate with brisket, mourn with it, diet with it, defrost with it, court with it and make a friend with it.

Let me just say what you can already feel. I love brisket. I say, a brisket in every pot, in every Crock-Pot, on every Weber, in every barbecue joint, in every deli, at every butcher, in every food truck, on every TV food show, food site and food blog. That being said here is my favorite recipe.

I f you do not feel like cooking , the Club will be featuring this recipe for the month of November and if you do not feel like eating out stop by and pick up a whole braised brisket to take home!


Cheers, Chef Pete

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