Extra Ordinary Club Service

Extra Ordinary Club Service

A close friend of mine and member of Walden had a luncheon yesterday at The Club in honor of her Mother’s 85th birthday. Her Mother has not been well and so my friends focus was on her Mother’s health as well as her own full time job. Since, I was available, I helped with planning the luncheon. The employees at the Club were great. I want to give special thanks to our server, Shelly.

She offered to take photos of the ladies, wrapped a gift of fresh flowers in wet paper towels to keep them fresh, helped to change the blue napkins for white and was very attentive. Along with that she did all the “usual” extremely well.

My friends have another celebration planned for her Mother at The Barn this Saturday night. Bilal has been great planning that as usual. Your staff has allowed my fiend to give       these parties despite the unforeseeable events of the month.

We want to thank you for the “extra ordinary” care.


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