Eye Genius Review by Natalie Lopez, Spa Walden Esthetician

Eye Genius Review by Natalie Lopez, Spa Walden Esthetician

The Eye Genius is Magical

Do you ever wake up in the morning with bags under your eyes? Are fine lines and crows feet starting to appear? Are you tired of using concealer to cover your dark circles? These are common issues for both young and mature skin. I used to apply concealer to cover my dark circles. This would cover the darkness around my eyes, but it made my fine lines even more apparent. I became tired of hiding one problem area and as a result making others worse. I discovered the solution to finally take care of my skin conditions around my eyes. For those with problematic skin in the eye area this product is going to greatly benefit you. If you want an all around younger well rested look you have to give this product try. The Eye Genius is a must have product for daily eye care maintenance.

The Eye Genius Brilliant Eye Complex is recommended for daily use to improve the appearance of dark circles, puffiness, fine lines, crow’s feet, and irritation. According to the CosMedix article “All Eyes on Eye Care” the formulation is the reason for the products genius. “This daytime eye cream delivers key ingredients such as five age-defying peptides, perfluorocarbons, borago oil, vitamin E, light-reflecting mica, sodium hyaluronate, squalane, and olive oil” (“All Eyes on Eye Care”). The combination of these ingredients contribute to producing tight firm skin, alleviate puffiness in facial muscles, bring oxygen to the skin, help improve blood circulation, soothe eye area, combat inflammation,  instantly brightens dark circles, and support skin’s natural moisturizing levels for healthy hydration. (“All Eyes on Eye Care”) This products formulation is full of active ingredients to help achieve the desired firm, bright and decongested looking eye area.

Another great feature the Eye Genius has is its aroma. The fragrance in the eye cream is heavenly without artificial dyes and fragrances. The CosMedix line uses organic ingredients whenever possible. Some of the main scents the product gives off include lavender, rosemary, and jasmine. The aromatic experience of the product is delightful.

The Eye Genius Brilliant Eye Complex provides instant and long lasting results. To support that the Eye Genius is an effective product CosMedix tested their product to gauge the speed results occurred. In a clinical study, an anti-aging peptide found in Eye Genius was shown to visibly reduce the appearance of deep wrinkles by forty five percent within two months. In an eight week CosMedix study, Eye Genius users reported visible improvements in dark circles, wrinkles, and puffiness. Within four weeks, sixty seven percent reported their eye area appeared firmer, with fewer lines and wrinkles. Within six weeks, over ninety percent reported noticeably brighter, healthier, more radiant skin.(“All Eyes on Eye Care”) By using this eye cream once daily you can improve the appearance of your eye area in a few short weeks. Personally a noticeable difference in fine lines and dark coloration took only four days to improve.

Another reason why the Eye Genius is such a good product is due to the CosMedix companies’ beliefs about how their product should work within the body. The process in which products are made is very important to understand. Since products are absorbed in the skin they are also going to be absorbed in the body’s blood stream. “The core philosophy behind CosMedix is rapid results with reduced irritation“ (“All Eyes on Eye Care”). All of the products made by CosMedix are chirally correct. This means the molecules in the products can be absorbed correctly by the skin cell receptors. Products that are not chirally correct mirror the skin cell receptors prohibiting them from absorption in the skin. This causes them to build up on the skin, and very often this will increase risk of redness, breakouts, and irritation of the skin.

Along with the effectiveness of the ingredients to help keep them fresh and preserved the CosMedix line uses an airless pump packaging. The antioxidants and perfluorocarbons present in the Eye Genius cannot be exposed to oxygen prior to application. If this occurs the effectiveness is compromised. Another reason they use an airless pump is because if oxygen is able to reach ingredients bacteria can rapidly grow. This commonly occurs in skin care lines making the ingredients no longer suitable to be used topically. Because of the cost of this product they do everything to make it long lasting and still as effective as the first time used.

When applying the Eye Genius use the product sparingly. This product holds true to the saying, “A little goes a long way!” All you need is a pin sized amount to apply under the eye area. This luxurious eye treatment is an off white color and has a smooth creamy texture. It feels light and hydrating, and it is not at all sticky. It is quickly absorbed and leaves no residue behind. The small amount of product needed for daily use allows the Eye Genius to be long lasting as well as cost effective.

Spending a fortune on a product you use every day does not seem very sensible, but investing in a product that will last a long time and be effective to the very last drop does. The retail cost of the Eye Genius is sixty eight dollars. The amount of product in one package is .25 ounces(“ All Eyes on Eye Care”). This is a great deal to comparable eye products. For example the La Prairie Light Fantastic Brightening Eye Treatment costs seventy dollars and contains only .15 ounces(“ Light Fantastic”). Both products treat puffiness, dark circles, and have illuminating properties. However the La Prairie Light Fantastic Brightening Eye Treatment does not address fine line, wrinkles, or irritation. The price for the Eye Genius is practical for the frugal shopper who wants fast results.

This product is great for those looking to save money and time on their daily makeup routine. The Eye Genius is the perfect product for those who never want to buy another under eye concealer. Mica is a light reflecting mineral that increases the appearance of skin brilliance(“All Eyes on Eye Care”). Instantly you notice dark circles seem less apparent. The instant brightening effect from the ingredient mica allows the skin under the eye to appear lighter. There is no need to reapply the Eye Genius. This product continues to work all day.

The Eye Genius is recommend for all skin types. If you are tired of having sagging, dull looking eyes the Eye Genius is here to help. If you suffer from fine lines and wrinkles the Eye Genius is packed with powerful ingredients to help tighten and firm the delicate skin around the eye area. This product is easily absorbed by the skin allowing for effective and long lasting results. The cost is reasonable to the amount of product you receive and the advanced style of packaging. The fragrance is all natural and not irritating to the skin. Remember the CosMedix philosophy “ Rapid results with reduced irritation”( “All Eyes on Eye Care”). To achieve and instantly brighter looking eye try the once daily Eye Genius Brilliant Eye Complex.

Eye Genius currently Sold at Spa Walden ~ $ 75.00


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