First Dusting

First Dusting

What a beautiful day at Inn Walden. We had a small intimate wedding in the Blue Ribbon Café with a light snow falling, and sunlight pouring in from the large glass windows. You could feel the love and caring radiating from not only the couple, but the whole family.  A little Winter in Autumn, a perfect combination of my two favorite seasons at the Inn. All of the beautiful trees surrounding the inn in bright colors of yellow, orange and red against a fresh blanket of white snow. The warmth of the fire on these cold days is exactly what the doctor ordered to leave the stress behind. This dusting of snow is a reminder that soon the snow will be coming soon, and there is no place I would rather be than sitting by the fire at the Inn or enjoying a treatment in the spa. You would think after 12 years of working at one place that you would become accustomed to the beauty of the surroundings, but it is the little things that I am in awe of every day.  It is as simple as a beautifully stacked fire, a cute little chipmunk filling his cheeks at the window, a genuine smile of one of our guests, or the bright red leaves of a red maple against the dramatic lines of the building.  There are a million things that make Walden so special, and I am lucky to get to experience them every day.

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