First Look

First Look

Have you thought about when the you want the photographers to capture the first time you and your fiancé lay eyes on each other on your wedding day?  I’m sure you are familiar with the old wedding superstition that a groom cannot see his bride until she walks down the aisle or it is  considered bad luck.  This is still a very popular tradition kept in modern weddings.  However, the “first look” has also gained popularity.

Some couples are choosing to have the photographers capture their first moment together before the ceremony.  However, other couples believe this will take away from the emotion of walking down the aisle.  Although, some alone time can be calming.  First look photos can be very powerful.  Photographers get the opportunity to capture this moment of you and the love of your life on your big day while you are in your own personal blissful bubble about to take on the day together.  No worries, walking down the aisle will not feel any less special. You will be thinking; “This is it, I am finally marrying my other half, right now!” That is a feeling you cannot change.

There are many  benefits of doing first look photos as opposed to talking pictures after the ceremony.  One benefit is it allows you to spend more time to enjoy your friends and family at your wedding.  Talk to your photographer and friends who may have explored this idea.  Every wedding is different.  It may be that it makes more sense for your wedding timeline or location to go the traditional route, or perhaps you just prefer it that way, which is great! Although, if you choose to have your ceremony and reception in one location, like Walden, doing a first look can be a great way to enjoy every moment available.


Photo by:  Jared Carr

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