From the Kitchen with Chef Pete

From the Kitchen with Chef Pete

Food is something to be enjoyed in every situation; it doesn’t have to be complicated to taste good. For me it’s about the quality of ingredients, simple flavors, great execution & cooking with the seasons; that being said

Walden’s kitchen philosophy is simple. We cook from scratch using fresh, authentic ingredients. We start with food in its simplest, most natural form. We purchase local and seasonal products. We care about what our members like and we care about their health.

Fresh ingredients used in our kitchens are complemented with cooking techniques that preserve nutrition and produce healthy dishes. We have a sincere passion at all levels for great food. It’s all about the food. The following standards have been created to assure the highest level of food quality for our guests:

Our menu is divided into two categories. The left side is labeled walden classics and consists of classic walden comfort food dishes. The right side is labeled specials and consists of dishes based on seasonality and availability of regional fresh product. We change this side of the menu daily and make a small amount of each dish so we can change these dishes frequently. Specials are not designed to be a price break and we do “sell” out of items. This is a good thing to insure freshness and using all the dishes by rotating them.

Whenever possible, these are produced locally using sustainable and organic practices. Below are just some of our practices.

•Hamburgers are made with fresh ground beef from cattle raised on vegetarian feed and never given antibiotics or hormones.

•Milk and yogurt are from cows not treated with artificial Bovine Growth Hormone. Eggs are from farms that are cage-free and are certified by Humane Farm.

•Vegetarian options are plentiful at every meal.

•All sauces are made from scratch and nothing is store bought

•All Soups and Stocks are made from scratch.

•All seafood purchases, wild and farmed, follow the sustainability guidelines of the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch program

•All salad dressings are made from scratch

•All muffins, pastries and desserts are made from scratch

•Breads are in-house made and baked fresh daily.

We are all about quality and freshness. This is a very labor intensive proposition and our talented chef’s execute these 6 days a week. I do not believe in providing you subpar quality that you get in a chain restaurant. That is against my beliefs.

Keep in mind I am happy to make a special item for you with proper notice. Please email me at with any request.

I want you to know that I am here for you with any questions about a club or inn dining experience.

I hope all of you have a pleasant holiday season approaching and hope you stop by the club to enjoy our latest offerings.

Cheers Chef Pete

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