Hair Color- Makes You Look Your Best

Hair Color- Makes You Look Your Best

When mid-winter calls for a little pick-me-up, refresh yourself at Spa Walden in any way you choose. We have both a social salon atmosphere and private full-service salon suites that offer a wide variety of services and comforts perfectly suited to your needs.

Take our hair color for example. We use Lisap products to guarantee the highest quality and vibrancy available on the market today. Lisap hair color is gentler than other colors with only 1% ammonia where 4% is the average. Combine this with it’s natural coconut based conditioning formula and a stayfast color system and you have a coveted color unmatched by anything else. With no need to worry about color changing or loosing vibrancy, you can be your vibrant self and really shine.

Our salon employs a knowledgeable salon team who are trained to complete a very detailed client consultation before the coloring process begins to eliminate client dissatisfaction and assure that you will walk out of Walden uplifted and refreshed. Our stylists really listen and care about your expectations and dedicate as much time as needed to your very distinct and very important needs. This makes finding the perfect color a breeze. There are numerous color swatches to choose from or you can bring in a photo with the color you choose and the colorist will match it.

Our social salon is less congested and quieter than other salons, which creates a peaceful and concentrated environment. However, you may even choose one of our private salons where you are assured the highest service. You will find these private suites fitted with a flat screen-TV, magazines and an endless drink station. Did I mention that private pedicure suites accompany each private barbering suite?

Stop in to Spa Walden this winter and brighten up your hair and your life.

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