May Golf Course Improvements Underway

May Golf Course Improvements Underway

I wanted to give you an update on the golf course and the progress we have been making.

Bunker Irrigation – The irrigation and contract work has all been completed. All the head are in and working. As we get into the warmer weather we will be making adjustments in the system, coverage and automating them along with our night watering program. We still have some clean-up around some of the areas where we have some settling form the underground disturbance.

Retaining Wall on #2 – When we went to repair the retaining wall on hole number two. It was obvious we had a much bigger problem than we could imagine. The bottom of wall has completely rotted out. Unfortunately this unforeseen expense means replacing the wall. We have started to rip out the wood retaining wall and will replace it with a stone wall. This will take 4 four weeks to complete and the area disturbed will be a hazard until all the work is completed. The look once finished should be very pleasing from the tee.

Bunkers – All bunkers have been edged and regular maintenance will be used as we go forward. We also plan on adding more sand to the bunkers that are left to refurbish (which we started last year).

Fertilizer – We are using a little different product that is a slow release fertilizer throughout the summer on the course. This should give us a continual green which we are expecting. We have also increased our fertilizer quantities in the roughs and green banks. We want to take full advantage of the potential of the irrigation system by adding a little more nitrogen then in years past.
We continue to work at the many projects planned and unplanned as we head for the Memorial Day holiday….the unofficial start of summer.

Ron Skok

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