Meet Tim Morgan Tennis Pro

Meet Tim Morgan

Tennis is the sport of a lifetime. You can start learning it from any age whether it be 10 or 70 years old. The great thing about Tennis is that the competitiveness of the game is controlled by the player playing the game so it could be beginner level to advanced whatever is most comfortable to the player. Tim Morgan Tennis Pro at Walden has been playing Tennis for 50 years. He now teaches Tennis which he’s been doing for 36 years. If you’re looking for tennis lessons in Aurora, Ohio, Walden is a great choice. At Walden you can take lessons with Tim Morgan & learn how to start playing tennis or learn new playing techniques. Lessons can be anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. Now just because Tennis can be learned and played at any age doesn’t mean its uneventful, expect each lesson to be hitting at least 500 Tennis balls. So come try out Tennis, you’ll have a racquet!

For Lessons with Tim Morgan call 440-479-1690.

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