Men’s Memorial Day Tournament 5-26-14

Men’s Memorial Day Tournament 5-26-14

We had gorgeous weather for the Men’s Memorial Day event this morning. The pace of play was outstanding which made the day enjoyable for all. There were over 70 players for today’s event, and the results are as follows.


Flight 1:

1st -Vidmar, Bowman, Kagler, Benduhn                          119                  $30 Each

2nd– Nickel, Rosengard, Dotson, Plemen                        120                  $25 Each

3rd– Balog, Taber, Varney, Kondrat                                   122                  $20 Each

4th– Anderson, Pavlick, Kloss, Boyd                                 127                  $12.50 Each



1st– Stelma, Wells, Hurley, Somerwill                              115                  $30 Each

2nd-Lewin, Dzurilla, Silver, Sloe                                        118                  $25 Each

3rd- Puffer, Thede, Duber, Gilboy                                      119                  $20 Each

4th– Kraynik, Custer, Cowper, Pasicznyk                         120                  $12.50 Each


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