New Head Swim Coach – Dives In

New Head Swim Coach – Dives In

Sophia Loferski- Walden Swim Coach/Head Lifeguard

Sophia Loferski, the Head Swim Coach/Lifeguard at Walden, gave her first swim lesson at age 12 or 13. Since then she has made a life out of this passion. She has been certified through the Red Cross’ lifeguard certification program, which consists of training both in and out of the water. With her learning, she is able to handle a whole range of issues: from spinal injuries to bee stings.

This year she will not only be watching over the waters but also coaching the Walden swim team. Like a fish in water, Sophia naturally fits into this role with her love for both kids and swimming. In appreciation of all the great coaches she has had, Sophia is excited to pass on what she has learned. When she sees the big, goofy smile on the face of a swimmer who just completed a lap they were unsure they could finish it will all be worth it.

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