Relax & Refresh

Relax & Refresh

Daniel Webster said, “Failure is more often from the lack of energy than from the lack of capital.” Arguably one of the hardest working entrepreneurs of all time, Mr. Webster searched the world for words to fulfill a need in the market.   When guests ask, “What is there to do at Walden?”  I immediately think of the golf course, spa, equestrian activities, pool and tennis courts.   With all the activities offered at luxury properties today it seems that we are trying to fill our vacation time as efficiently as we fill our normal lives.  What I realize, however, is that the real answer to these guests’ question is relax; Walden offers the time and quiet environment needed to relax and unwind.  Try to do nothing for an entire day or set up a couple of spa services as your task for the afternoon.  Remember the value of sitting in the shade with a great book and a cold cocktail.  Set aside time to talk and be inspired by your loved one.   At checkout, when reality sets back in, remember the words of Mr. Webster and fight failure with your new-found energy facing your challenges refreshed.

James Leet

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