Seven Reasons Why I Love Farmers Markets

Seven Reasons Why I Love Farmers Markets

1. Fresher Food, Healthier Life!
At farmer’s markets you’ll find the freshest food around. Produce at Farmer’s markets specifically grow there fruits and vegetables until they are perfectly ripe, because it is only going down to road to be sold—at times hours after it is picked! Locally grown food tends to have superior levels of protein, vitamins and minerals—meaning you are getting healthier, higher quality food than you would find at your local grocery store or supermarket.

2. Shop Organic and Boost Your Nutrition
Farmer’s Markets tend to draw vendors who grow organic product. In addition to organic vendor’s produce being fresh, their food is also free of synthetic pesticides and minimally processed. On the other hand, a large portion of food found at grocery stores and supermarkets is highly processed and grown with hormones, pesticides and more.

Many farmers who sell at farmer’s markets are committed to taking the additional steps necessary to grow the most nutritious, healthy food possible using sustainable, organic techniques.

3. Knowing Where Your Food Comes From
Farmer’s markets are a great place to learn more about your food than anywhere else. Markets give you the opportunity to meet and talk to the farmers themselves that grew your food. You can learn more about how the food you are buying is made, where it’s from and much more!

4. Always Locally Grown
As previously mentioned, farmer’s markets are home to local farmers looking to sell their produce. Their fruits and vegetables are able to fully ripen and have no need for added preservatives, as there is no long distance shipping or sitting for weeks in storage involved! Food at farmer’s markets are as real as it gets—it’s fresh from the farm.

5. Enjoy the Seasons
Another great thing about farmer’s markets—the food is always in tune with the season. Since farmers are local and only sell fresh, quality food they can only offer food that can be grown that time of year. Shopping at farmer’s markets also help us reconnect with the seasons.

6. Discover new foods!
Farmer’s markets offer a significantly wider array of produce than most supermarkets, which makes the chance that you will discover new, exciting foods while shopping even more likely! Whether you are browsing the produce or conversing with farmers and others in the market, you’ll find something new at your local farmer’s market every week!

7. Support Local Farmers, Your Local Economy
Nowadays, farmers (especially sustainable farmers) are struggling to survive. When you shop at your local farmer’s market you are paying the farmer directly, which not only keeps small farms alive, but also strengthens the local economy!

When I think of farmers markets, I always think of Cleveland’s North Union Farmers Market. Located in one of the country’s oldest developments, Shaker Heights, the market takes place every Saturday in the center in Shaker Square. Now in its 20th year, the market has over 90 farmers and 100 artisan and food purveyors.

For various reasons states like Ohio get dismissed in favor of the allure of the coasts, but Northern Ohio is lush and productive and getting increasingly more interesting and that is why I love living here!

Chef Pete

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