Spa Tips for Sun – Spa Walden

Spa Tips for Sun – Spa Walden

Straight from our own Jenessee Taylor, follow these tips to protect your precious skin from those harmful rays. 

For most people sunscreen over 30 SPF is unnecessary. While only minimally increasing sun protection, higher SPF’s have more chemicals which can actually irritate the skin. 

 Apply sunscreen 30 minutes before sun exposure. The amount of two complete finger lengths is required to gain complete SPF 30 coverage on just your face!  Seriously, squeeze the sunscreen out like mustard on a hotdog on your middle and index finger and apply it all to your face. In short, be generous with application.

All over the counter make up product will fully protect your skin from the sun. Use additional sunscreen that is SPF 30 in addition to other makeups and creams.

 Apply SPF last in daily home skin care regimen. First cleanse, then exfoliate, third treat the skin, moisturize, and finally apply SPF.  Make up can be applied here, but avoid liquid make up as it can break down your coverage. 

 Make sure your SPF has zinc oxide or titanium dioxide as active ingredients. Not only do they protect against full spectrum sun, they are also the least pore clogging and acne causing. They can even help to purify the skin

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