Spa Walden Wows

Spa Walden Wows


Hi Emily,


Thank you again very much for your help with the spa. you email was the only direct email I had.. Would you mine please Sharing my thank you note with whomever you think it should get to (ie: spa director/hospitality manager…etc).


Thank you again! The experience was wonderful.




Dear Walden Family,

Where to even begin…This has been the most incredible stay and experience I think my husband and I have ever had. Ranking right up there with going to an amazing hotel in Saint

Lucia for our Honeymoon…staying in hotels in Manhattan NY, Los Angeles CA, and some amazing hotels in Arizona, I truly have to say, this has been the best over all experience of them

There are no words to describe the beauty of the property…it is a perfect blend of country-side meets luxury. Every space offers a delightful sense of welcomeness but privacy at the same

time. The amenities are wonderful, the food is outstanding, and the Spa: truly top of the line and one of a kind. The rooms (aka: suites) are such a pleasant layout–I didn’t even want to leave

our room. I walked daily around the property and to the awesome clubhouse/pool which is the perfect distance away.

My Spa experience was the best I’ve ever had…we live in San Diego and La Costa Resort and Spa is ranked very highly, I know…The Walden blew them away. The individual suits are genius

and lend to unwinding before the service even begins in a way I’ve never experienced. My therapist Nikki did such a wonderful job (I’m embarrassed to say, but I was so relaxed I caught

myself snoring a few times!) My pedicure was so pleasant–the quality of work and care of all the staff here has been beyond 5-star…I’ve never been in a hotel/facility where so many things were

“possible”, I don’t think a single thing I asked for was met with an answer other than, “of course” or “happy to help”.

Walden is a hidden gem, and we will be telling everyone we know about how incredible the whole time here has been. Hopefully one day one will exist in Southern California 😉 Thank you

again for a wonderful experience!


Very Best,

Kevin and Leah O’Connell

NFL Rookie Symposium 2014 Attendee’s

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