Walden Golf Club Driving Range Improvement

Walden Golf Club Driving Range Improvement

Dear Walden Members,

I am pleased to announce that we are about to embark on the next major improvement to your golfing experience at Walden. Through our membership surveys, it became apparent that the number one, most requested, improvement to the club among our membership was our practice facilities. We have engaged a golf architectural firm, Nuzzo Golf Course Design,( mnuzzo.com/) to evaluate and design a new practice range. Our challenge has always been that we were “land locked” in both length and in width with our current range. Many years ago, we had a grass area in front of the current stationary tees. With the amount of play the range receives, this area was just too hard to maintain because of its size and it quickly became aesthetically negative for members and guests. Over the years, we have improved the stationary hitting surface and the current surface has been acceptable.

We asked Nuzzo Golf Course Design “if space was no object how we could supply a grass hitting area?” I am happy to report that we will be attempting to create over 47,000+/- square feet of grass teeing space (View Plan).

The mound to the right of the range will be knocked down and we will stretch as much as we can laterally on the land that we have. We will also go forward approximately 25 yards to hopefully give us enough surface space to be able to maintain the area. This area will be known as the “weekend tees” and will be about 23,000 square feet.

We also plan to remove some of our asphalt parking in what is known as the “third bay” and employee parking area. This will create an “upper” practice area of close to 24,000 square feet. We will use this tee for our weekday grass practice surface.

Over the winter, with the assistance of our golf committee, the Director of Golf and our Golf Course Superintendant will be developing a number of policies of when the grass surface will be available on a daily basis and other club restrictions that may need to be put into place. This announcement will be coming at a later date.

We hope to start construction in the next month and work over the winter, with seeding by April of 2017. Depending on the weather, the tee will possibly be open for play in July of 2017.

We are very excited about this project, and I hope the membership will enjoy this major enhancement to your Walden golf experience.


Rob Rosencrans

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