Yoga For Golfer’s

Yoga For Golfer’s

Hey golfers ~ want to hit longer drives, stay focused on the course, lower your score, and help ease your lower back? Put down the weights and get down on the yoga mat ~ through yoga practice you can develop the physical and mental discipline that golf demands. According to Barrie Rosencrans, Walden’s Fitness Director, the benefits of yoga are immeasurable. “Yoga is a great stress reliever as it breaks down tension the body has learned to work around,” she says. “It builds your core muscles, helps release endorphins to help your mind focus, plus improves your posture, body alignment and strengthens the muscles around your spinal column.” Many yoga poses are great at getting deep into the connective tissue and musculature of the hips, which initiate the downswing, which is critical for generating power.

A balanced body is a flexible body. Mitch Camp, Walden’s Director of Golf, agrees. “Flexibility is a key component to the golf swing, especially to avoid any back injuries,” states Camp. Camp believes it’s smart to learn yoga poses and incorporate them into their golf swing. Clearing the mind via meditation and learning to be present in each moment on the course will result in a more fluid, enjoyable game.

Call 330.995.9772 to schedule the right Yoga Class for you at Club Walden or Spa Walden.

Cost $15 for Drop In ~ 10 classes for $100 ~ Private Class for $45

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