Yoga Retreat @ Walden ….What Fun

Yoga Retreat @ Walden ….What Fun

Good evening Charry and Barrie!


Having witnessed all the love and effort Charry puts into everything she does, I was excited to hear about the possibilities of a yoga retreat in Ohio.  Charry’s talked about bringing everyone together for a retreat for a few years now, and once it came to fruition, I knew it was something I didn’t want to miss out on!  Driving through the countryside of Ohio, I was intrigued when I arrived at the Walden.  The architecture of the buildings does an excellent job of blending in with the beauty of mother nature and creates a very welcoming feel with all the views and natural light.  The staff at the Walden continued that welcoming feel with their warm smiles and pleasant attitudes as you walked in the door.  To make it even better, there were Charry and Barrie at the end of the hall, cheerfully greeting everyone!  As Andrei began the retreat, I felt very fortunate to be in such a cool place with so many amazing people!  Over the course of the weekend, it was awesome to see how yoga has influenced people in each of their own ways.  Andrei’s humbleness, devotion, and simplicity of his yoga created such an incredible sense of unconditional love and helped remind me of what truly is important in life!!

As I was packing my bag Tuesday morning, I couldn’t believe that the retreat was soon going to be over!  Everything about the retreat: from the Walden and its staff, to the beauty of the countryside, to the people of Ohio, to the travelers, to Charry, Barrie, and Andrei made for an unforgettable weekend!!!  To top it off, Barrie allowed me to use the facilities at the spa to clean up before catching my plane home … definitely the coolest shower I have ever experienced!

Thanks again ladies for everything!


Much love and respect,


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