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Be A Life Coach for Your Kids

Why Mary Poppins was a Supercalifragilistic coach!

In this 45-minute lecture, Lynn shares her insights on why it’s never too early to provide a coach for your children. Especially in this time when both parents work full time and aren’t home to provide the nurturing and guidance children need on a daily basis. We make sure they have piano teachers and soccer coaches – why not a life coach? She will delight the audience with examples of how Mary Poppins was in reality a life coach who used her skills to help Jane and Michael Banks experience life from a joyful, co-creative space — while bringing awareness to their pre-occupied parents and ultimately teaching them new skills for parenting their children. Inspired by Mary Poppins, Lynn shares her secrets on how – as a single mother – utilized her coaching skills with her daughter from a very early age to help her to nurture her innate wisdom to become self-sufficient, creative, independent, intelligent, and productive member of society. Lynn will share these concepts with the group and provide opportunities for questions and discussion.

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February 26, 2018


6:00pm to 6:45pm


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