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Be Your Own Life Coach

In this workshop, Lynn provides interactive tools and exercises to help you learn how to coach yourself. You will discover wonderful ways in which you can tap into the life you desire – and coach yourself on a regular basis. Please bring a journal and a pen. Handouts & Lunch will be provided.

Topics we will cover:

Meditation and calming the mind and accessing the wisdom of your higher self.
Breathing in to the power of your heart.
How different types of breath work can help you calm your mind, release anxiety, burn calories, strengthen immunity.
How to raise your energy levels.
The power of visualization: What you ‘feel’ is what you get.
The power of our thoughts and how they create your reality.
How your inner world creates your outer world – and those who interact with you on a daily basis.
One-hour energetic healing yoga class (yoga based on the principles of Energy Healing by Donna Eden)
How to tap into your intuition.
Quantum shifting – exercises to transform your beliefs about reality…to create what you truly desire…and eliminate that which you want to release.

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March 22, 2017


5pm to 9pm


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1119 Aurora Hudson Road • Aurora, Ohio 44202 • 330 562 5508

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