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Life Coaching with Lynn

Coaching with Lynn: what to expect

Coaching exists to serve the client’s higher purpose; it is an intervention for results. It begins with an assumption that the client is whole, wise, and holds the answers to the nature of his or her own personal or professional development. It is a focused conversation designed to support the client in clarifying choices and making changes.

The coaching conversation is anchored in a relationship based on mutual respect, trust, compassion, empathy, freedom of expression and a commitment to speaking the truth.

Coaching supports the client who is motivated to achieve specific goals, such as to improve a role within the workplace, to create happiness in his or her life, or to fulfill a life dream.

Call it Life Coaching, Wellness Coaching, or Leadership Coaching, but in the end, all sessions are completely customized around the client’s desires for an intended goal. Most of us are in transition – moving from one life experience to the next and that is where coaching can be most beneficial on many levels.

The coaching process is an active and dynamic collaboration between coach and client, a relationship in which both parties co-create a dialogue to meet the client’s needs, goals, or wishes within a specific time frame. It has a beginning, middle, and an end. The benefits of the coaching process manifest as improved performance, self-correction, and self-generation.

As coach, Lynn’s role is to see and respect the client as a whole person – body, mind, and spirit – and to be a catalyst in the process of accelerating change. It is a service role that requires commitment, presence, and intuitive listening skills while holding a safe ‘space’ in which clients can express themselves, take risks, and approach their lives with motivation, curiosity, and creativity.

Client is author of his or her story. The client’s role is to learn to notice/be aware, to exhibit a willingness to be reflective, to be honest with his or her self, to understand that he or she is creative, resourceful, and capable of achieving the desired outcome, to become intentional, to pause (meditate or journal about their ‘journey’), and to practice. All the answers lie within the client’s higher self.

To that end, the most successful outcomes transpire when there is a commitment from the client for 4, 6, or 8 sessions. This allows enough time for the coaching process to bear fruit…and experience transformation toward the desired goals.

Before a session

Upon scheduling a coaching session or series of sessions with Lynn, client will receive an assessment form that will ask client to list specific issues around which they desire clarity, resolution, and peace. From our first session on, we will hone in on the most pressing issues at the moment, and co-create a plan for future sessions based on achieving clarity and resolution around those goals.

One coaching session may be enough, but most likely, there are many layers that need to be addressed over time – to achieve the ideals established up front by both coach and client.

Lynn is also a practitioner of essential oil aromatherapy, and can suggest oils for healing based upon any weaknesses or deficiencies revealed in the coaching process. She is also a believer that crystals and stones aid in the healing process and can recommend specific stones to accompany you on your journey of self-awareness and healing – be they specific stones – or a combination of stones in a necklace, belt, or earrings that trigger healing in the targeted zones of your body.

Lynn is also a lifelong student of dream analysis….so any dreams that you care to share, can be analyzed….because dreams live in the subconscious and hold the keys to the answers we are seeking.

“It is when we fail to recognize – and acknowledge the signs around us – that we live in despair.” ~ Lynn Jereb

Lynn will help you become more aware of all the signs that the Universe is showing you…so that you can tap into the wisdom of the Universe…and all of its blessings.

Coaching with Lynn is a process of awakening and awareness, a process that will truly transform your life and enlighten you to the blessings that await you in all areas of your life.

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Package of 6 Sessions $1295
Package of 8 Sessions $1495

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