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Compatibility Readings

Compatibility Readings can help you to better understand yourself – as well as the people who are in your life – in relationship.

The information provided through the charts may ease your mind, bring awareness to potential conflict or challenges to work through, or ultimately give you clarity to help you make life decisions.

In this 2-hour session we can compare the charts of two or more individuals and/or events (only when permission is given), looking for understanding and clarification on potential compatibility:
To see:
– What each person’s relationship needs are
– What their romantic, passion, and nurturance needs are
– What oppositions or frustrations to expect between them and what issues may come into play
– How they may love, support, bring awareness to or block each other in each other’s lives

Or we can look at the relationship as an entity of its own (symbolically)
– To apply transits to it or progress it (for timing and relationship development)
– To look for very strong relationship themes that show up
– The most important energy patterns between you

We can focus on one of the above reading styles or a brief blending of the two, based upon time allowed.

*Diane will need the following before your appointment date:
Both Names
Both Dates of Birth
Both Places of Birth
Both Exact times of Birth


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