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Custom Aromatherapy Blending Session

Prior to arrival you will be asked to fill out a form to prepare for your session. The questions you answer will help Cheri your Aromatherapist indicate what areas within the physical, emotional, or spiritual body you are looking to bring further awareness to. Cheri will review your intake form and based off of the information submitted Cheri will bring in a custom assortment of oils that have been specifically selected for you and the needs of your session.

The 90-minute session will focus on understanding the base oils selected, and how they help to address your individual needs. You will begin to learn how to blend your own oils from their essential oil bases and find out the best applications for each oil. This is a teaching session that will allow you to understand how to best blend oils for the health of your body moving forward.


90-minute session without Oils – $250
*This session is recommended for those who have their own oils and simply need further instruction on how to blend and use these oils in practical application.

90-minute session with Oil Kit – $500
*This session includes a take home starter kit of essential oils. During the 90-minute Cheri will review each oil, its properties and why it was selected to be within the take home kit. Cheri will then teach you how to blend these oil together to create optimum blends for your needs. This kit and the training will be chosen by Cheri based off of the questions answered on the intake form.

Oil Kit no Session – $350
*This option will include a take home kit of essential oils with no private session.


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