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Energetic Field Assessment

The purpose behind the Energetic Field Assessment is to acquire soul-level information as it relates to patterns that you are experiencing in your everyday life. Through this work we can understand the information, adopt new patterns while releasing those that do not serve you any longer. Prior to the in-person assessment date, Jenessee will work with your field remotely to receive information about your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies (the Energetic Field). This data will be collected, then reviewed with you during your 120-minute session. Each body presents a different number of items to be discussed for your infinite ability to grow and develop as an energetic human. In the physical body – patterns relating to health problems may arise. In the emotional body – specific sensitive triggers may come through to find the soul-level lesson attached to the experience. In the mental body – we will review the ego patterns and how “open” you are to receive guidance from the field surrounding you. Together we delicately review each energetic field to maximize your clarity. Your session will end with a 7-card chakra reading from the “Chakras Root to Crown” oracle deck. In closing the session, you will ask your most pressing question, and receive what your field is reflecting back to you.


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