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Energetic Wellness Series – Weight

The Energetic Wellness workshop series will focus on clearing the root causes of energetic weaknesses and transforming unconscious beliefs that diminish the quality of life. Each session in this series will focus on a certain area of life – making you energetically strong and imprinting beliefs that assist you in creating your desired life experience. The vast majority of your thoughts, feelings and actions stem from your unconscious beliefs, perceptions and energetic weaknesses. This in-turn creates a weak physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual experience of life. The Energetic Wellness workshops are not like anything else you have ever experienced – they are about making dramatic and permanent change on the spot. Working directly with the root energetic causes and unconscious beliefs – shifts are made easily and quickly.

Energetic Wellness – Weight

During this workshop the group will explore and shift individual and group limitations in regards to maintaining desired weight. Each workshop is unique and guided by the needs of the group. Some common areas of improvement are:

• Identifying and clearing the root causes of excess weight
• Knowing your optimal weight
• Understanding what is truly driving your behavior
• Losing weight without a struggle
• How to make permanent change
• How internal change produces external results
• Imprinting beliefs that support your desired weight

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January 9, 2017


7:00pm to 9:00pm


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