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Kidding Around Yoga

This blended training combines independent learning with two energetic, dynamic days of classroom instruction. Before the training, you will create an account with OKAY – Online Kidding Around Yoga. Here you will find the first two modules. These will prepare you for your intense, fun Two Day Live Training. With your diploma/certificate in hand, you will gain access to the remainder of the online training. This gives you the keys to use and review the massive amount of knowledge you just received in your training. And now you get to keep it for LIFE! That’s right. You will never lose access to OKAY.

All students are required to finish modules One and Two of the OKAY training BEFORE they can receive their certificate. This will take 5 hours to complete. Please do this before your live training so you, too, can be in the know. It is easier for students and teachers if everyone starts on the same page. Whether you are taking your required 2 modules for your live training or you are taking OKAY, only here is a glimpse of what’s in store for you with our Sample Training.

We love early birds and even offer them a discount, however if you are unable to sign up early, no worries mon! We got you covered. Sign ups are accepted up until the night before the training starts. You will have to wait to receive your certificate (by email) until after you finish the first two modules, but that’s no biggie!

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July 22, 2017- July 23, 2017


9:30am to 5:00pm


$750 certification program
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