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Restoring Your True Nature

Our world is overrun with information and distraction. We are bombarded with an array of offerings promising to change our lives, heal our pain, bring more peace, create more money and on and on and on. So, why is it that most people continue to struggle in life and still experience pain and lack in so many ways?

Restoring Your True Nature is a completely different experience – something outside of the normal self-help box. It’s an exploration into how you create your own true healing at depth and experience being authentically you.

This workshop will show you how to elegantly clear and strengthen the underlying energetic weaknesses and patterns that are creating any symptom in your life – physical or no physical. Working with your unconscious beliefs and core energetic weaknesses you can literally remove unwanted patterns in minutes. This may sound like a daunting or complicated task, but it’s not. It is simple, powerful and anyone can do it! When you tap into your true Divine nature there are no limitation.

This workshop is spontaneous. It is creative. It is hands-on learning. It is fun – and you will leave feeling stronger and empowered!

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April 29, 2017


10am to 3pm


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1119 Aurora Hudson Road • Aurora, Ohio 44202 • 330 562 5508

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