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Teaching the Teacher, Private Course

Are you looking to develop your gifts and talents more fully? Jenessee’s passion is to teach individuals about their own development as conscious beings. This Teaching the Teacher course will move along at a pace that is acceptable for you, and your growth within the divine field. There will be 3 one on one sessions, along with email sessions, practice requirements, and surprises that the divine beings working with you will playfully invite along the way. This will be an intense journey moving through your own healing while also learning how to work with those around you. Jenessee will be in constant communication with you, as well as the divine, to work from and develop your divine lesson plan achieving that which you are here to seek. When you request an appointment for this program, Jenessee will make an initial connection between you and the divine to see if it is time to do this work with you, what the lesson plan will look like, and other details of how to proceed. This initial contact will be of no charge, and will be reviewed by you for approval before the work starts, or payment is made.


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3 Sessions (length of time this will take in weeks depends on the progress of the work received)


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