“Listen” Monday, November 14th

“Listen” Monday, November 14th

“Dreaming About the Dreamer” – Dr. Doris Cohen, Ph.D.
Time: 6:00-7:00pm in Theater (Pre-Registration is required for this event)

In this Listen Lecture apart of Walden’s 2nd Annual Wellness Event Dr. Cohen will review DREAM ANALYSIS. Reviewing some of your dreams to help you better understand what your unconscious mind is trying to convey. You will need to prepare by keeping a dream journal or writing down some of the recent and memorable dreams you have had that you would like more clarity from and to focus on.

The importance of what your unconscious is saying to you should never be undervalued. Learning how to interpret your dreams will give you amazing insight into your thoughts and feelings about current events in your life. You may uncover many areas (fears, anxieties, and wishes – all kinds of hidden emotions) that you were not consciously aware of before. Get ready to set out on a new journey of self-discovery and awareness! Embrace your DREAMS!

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