Weekly Wellness

Weekly Wellness-Almond & Green Grape Gazpacho


-2 large garlic clove
-5 large seedless cucumbers, peeled and cut into 1-inch dice; plus diced peeled cucumber, for garnish
-3 cups whole green grapes; plus 1 cup diced grapes, for garnish
-1.5 cup marcona almonds
-6 cups crustless 1/2-inch dice of good white bread
-8 scallions, white and tender green parts, cut into 1-inch lengths
-2 cup packed watercress leaves
-1 cup cold water
-1/2 cup extra-virgin olive oil
-4 tablespoons sherry vinegar
-Salt and freshly ground pepper

1. In a blender, working in batches, puree the garlic with the cucumber the whole green grapes, almonds, bread cubes, scallions, watercress, water, olive oil and sherry vinegar until very smooth.

2. Transfer the soup to a large pitcher and season with salt and pepper. Refrigerate until chilled, about 2 hours.

3. Garnish the soups with the finely diced cucumber, grapes and almonds.

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