Meet the Crystal Lady

Meet the Crystal Lady

Hope has been a highly intuitive empath her entire life. Around 2008 Hope was at a low point in life, and found this is where most of her unfolding process began. Questioning everything, her life purpose became her number one focus. Knowing there was something more… something richer… and more fulfilling gave her the drive needed to find herself. Hope experienced things that awakened her to a world that had been forgotten. Stripped down by the universe itself only her degrees in business and professional counseling seemed to remain from the old lifestyle. She knew things had to change, and was ready for the unfolding to take place.

With one foot firmly grounded in logic and the other in faith, Hope began to study the metaphysical sciences. Having found early on a specific resonance to crystals and energy medicine Hope became trained as an aromatherapist, botanical perfumer, Reiki master, and Crystal Healer. The desire to heal became so strong that sitting still with these newly acquired gifts was no longer an option. Here Hope combined her business acumen with her professional counseling training and created a healing practice that is transformative on a deep soul level.

Hope comes to Walden in this time and in this space to heal in the most sacred of ways… to serve as a bridge between the divine plane and the earth experience. The eclectic studies and experiences gifted her the ability to know God on a different and beautiful level…to appreciate the plant, animal, and mineral kingdoms, that have been gifted to support this journey. It is here that something truly magical happens, when all the parts are brought together in wholeness…a synergistic alchemizing blend of everything. It’s in this magical place where play, creation, and heart felt healing can begin. (VIEW LECTURES & SESSIONS…)

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