Meet the Bio Energy Healer

Meet the Bio Energy Healer

Michael Ramsey is a full-time healer and the founder of Gateway Healing. He has dedicated his life to helping others experience a free, expanded and unencumbered life. Integrating numerous healing modalities customized to his clients’ needs, Michael’s work addresses stress, immune system imbalances, chakra balancing, chronic pain, illness, limiting beliefs and overall wellness. He is certified in Neuro-Associative Conditioning Systems (NACS) and Neuro-Linguistic Programing (NLP). He has also studied shamanic energy medicine with Alberto Villoldo at the Four Winds Society, Barbara Brennan hands-on healing with Anna Ferraraccio, The Domancic Method of bioenergy healing with Zdenko Domancic in Slovenia, Pure BioEnergy healing with Zoran Hochstatter, and earth/heart healing with Warren Grossman. Michael is also a trained facilitator of PSYCH-K, working with dissolving limiting beliefs. Michael’s practice includes working with clients privately, performing distance healings and facilitating group intensives.

BioEnergy is a scientifically proven and extremely effective form of natural hands-on energy healing that establishes wellness, flow and balance in your body and in your life. This healing energy raises your vibration and carries within it all the information necessary for the body to be whole, healed and well. BioEnergy reduces stress, creates balance and heals chronic pain and illness. A session will balance your chakras and clear energetic block, which in-turn will boost your immune system allowing your body to be in a natural state of wellness – leaving you feeling clear, calm and centered.

The Energetic Wellness and Belief Transformation process permanently clears energetic weaknesses at the root cause and shifts limiting unconscious beliefs. A session will make you energetically strong to life and imprint beliefs that assist you in creating your desired life experience. The vast majority of your thoughts, feelings and behaviors stem from unconscious beliefs, perceptions and energetic weaknesses. This in-turn creates a weak physical, mental, emotional and spiritual experience of life. These powerful sessions work directly with the root causes of your energetic weaknesses, which are unique to each person, and clears and strengthens them for immediate and permanent change. If you are looking to be energetically strong to life, establishing a natural flow and ease allowing the body to naturally heal and regenerate, then this the right choice for you. (VIEW LECTURES & SESSIONS…)

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