Meet the Energy Psychologist

Meet the Energy Psychologist

Holly Timberlake, PhD., is one of the preeminent alternative psychotherapists in Northeast Ohio; she has taught Energy Psychology methods to therapists for almost 20 years; has presented both here and in Canada on integrating Energy Psychology methods into current practices. She also is on the leading edge of therapists who are helping people bridge the span from deep emotional healing to expanded conscious (oneness) living/awakening/ascending. She is deeply steeped in holistic approaches to emotional healing and growth.

Dr. Timberlake’s holistic, energy-based private practice helps adolescents and adults heal anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, self-sabotaging behaviors, the effects of emotional trauma, abuse and disease, increase self-worth, and ability to be in healthy relationship. She helps people to reclaim the joy in their lives, to open energetically and spiritually to the Universe and to their own inner Self and to expand into their inherent, radiant aliveness.

Holly has continued to build, refine and interweave elements she has found essential for healthy emotional functioning:

  • Healthy emotional response and management (healing past traumas & engaging in healthier behaviors)
  • Positive beliefs that support energized and conscious well-being
  • Transpersonal (spiritual) approaches to life
  • High quality communication and relational life
  • Brain health & gut health; metabolically aligned eating
  • Addressing genetic issues that can diminish mental health functioning (gluten intolerance and MTHFR, for example)
  • Mindfulness, meditation, contemplation, sense of purpose and connection, being a part of something larger than oneself.
  • Yoga
  • Being in nature
  • Creative Expression

She has created a holistic and integrated Energy Psychology practice by combining EMDR, Energy Psychology (EFT and more), holographic/shamanic guided imagery and journeying, transpersonal, Gestalt, cultural and gendered awareness modalities, and dreamwork. She facilitates retreats and offers training for individuals and professional service providers (teachers, energy workers, trauma workers of all kinds) in tapping and in emotional self-regulation techniques for quickly reducing stress and trauma reactions.

Holly created Tapping into the Field guided meditations and has offered them throughout Northeast Ohio over the past number of years. Holly is avidly interested in cosmology, Unified Field Theory, archeo-astronomy, She is an independent researcher and author whose grand scheme is to help develop psychological theory consistent with a Oneness or higher dimensional orientation to life. She is completing an accelerator journal to support emotional, physical, and spiritual healing and growth intentions. The Further Reaches of Human Relationships is another book in progress. She can speak on a wide array of diverse topics from sacred geometry, to the power of megalithic structures, to the importance of the pineal gland and the heart, to humanity’s emergence into the next level of human development, known by various names but which she calls: Homo Luminous.
She is available for public speaking, group and retreat facilitation, Energy Psychology and holistic psychotherapy training, and more.
She lives in Akron with her grown family close by. She’s a nature, art, music and dance enthusiast, expressing the joy of creating in many simple and satisfying ways. (VIEW LECTURES & SESSIONS NOW…)

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