Dr. Holly Timberlake (left)
Professional History
I have been a therapist now for over 27 years and have been an Energy Psychologist for almost 10 years. My beginnings were in women’s issues and eating disorders at Oberlin College. I have worked in community mental health and at a psychiatric in-patient facility, giving me a deep understanding of the effects of emotional pain. Energy modalities have increased the effectiveness and speed of psychological healing as has Holographic Memory Resolution–a form of guided imagery that is tremendously effective in accessing and healing early childhood events contributing to adult unhappiness. Helping a client to remember the highest truth of who they are, to feel the reality of this truth, and to envision and feel themselves living their lives from this highest truth is a very nourishing, encouraging, and motivating practice that clients particularly enjoy.

45-min with Dr. Timberlake Activating Intentions for the New Year:

Dr. Paul Bizjak (middle)
Professional History
I opened my practice in November of 1997 in Twinsburg, Ohio, and have been having a blast ever since. I have seen thousands of patients with every health problem you can imagine. I am often asked what drives me to see so many patients each week, write so much, and lecture on so many health topics. There are two things that drive me: the first is the frustration of watching the people around me get sicker and sicker under a failing medical system that simply does not work. The second is the excitement of helping families reach a higher level of health and better quality of life through the care and information we provide. I have read hundreds of books, spent countless hours in seminars, interviewed dozens of doctors and healthcare providers, and studied the healthiest families on the planet. In an effort to learn the secrets to being as healthy as possible, and raising the healthiest family possible, I have strong sense of obligation to share this information with as many people as possible and looking now to bring that to Walden.

New Year, New You Make 2018 your best year yet!

Dr. Rhondalynn Smith Brustoski, ND (right)
Professional History
Rhondalynn earned her Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine at Bastyr University, the nation’s premier academic institution for science-based natural medicine located in Seattle, WA and is the largest one of six accredited Naturopathic Medical Schools in the US. She is a contributing author of the “Foundations of Naturopathic Medicine”, the soon-to-be-published textbook on the philosophy, theory and principles of Naturopathic Medicine. Her desire at her practice, Nature Cure Health and Wellness in Chagrin Falls, OH is to transform the paradigm of medicine to offer a preventive and curative approach to health care which includes one’s entire being – mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. She is deeply concerned about the health care challenges we face in our world today and finds that an investment in one’s health and wellness is critical in our future development of generations to come. The transformation is now as our earth, children, families and communities need it. That being said, she believes it is vital to create a long term healing therapeutic relationship with each person so that she may offer the deepest and most comprehensive levels of care to unveil the underlying cause(s) of signs and symptoms rather than simply manage symptoms. Therapies and programs are tailored to each individual which permit restoration of homeostasis in all systems of the body, mind and spirit by promoting high level health and wellness, providing prevention and maintaining cure.

Introduction to Naturopathic Medicine

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