“Listen Lecture” Monday, November 14th

“Listen Lecture” Monday, November 14th

“The Wellness Lifestyle Defined” – Dr. Paul Bizjak, Optimal Spine & Wellness
Time: 12:00 to 1:00 Walden Theater (Pre-Registration is required for this event)

During this Listen Lecture apart of Walden’s 2nd Annual Wellness Event Learn from Dr. Bizjak why our kids, families and communities have gotten so sick! Are you someone who suffers from poor health? Allergies? Fatigue? Join Dr. Paul Bizjak as he offers VERY practical solutions helping to offset lifestyle choices that are robbing you of your health and keeping you in a cycle of “chasing symptoms.” Learn why your doctors are failing you, and will continue to do so…unless you take charge of your own health. Learn the “right questions” to ask your healthcare providers …and what begin to figure out what you need to get well! Discover simple and productive strategies to bring out the BEST you possible! (And be amazed with where those secrets come from!)

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