Meet the Energy Medicine Specialist

Meet the Energy Medicine Specialist

A National Board Certified Polarity Practitioner (BCPP), Usui Reiki Master (RM), and Certified Sound Practitioner using the influences of Shamanic energy medicine and spiritual guides.

Polarity is a holistic modality of bodywork that facilitates wellness by balancing the body’s inherent ability to heal itself.

The principles of polarity follow the concept that all disease begins at a non-physical, energetic level and may finally manifest at the physical level as a signal that something is out of balance. The principles also suggest that disease cannot exist in a balanced environment where energy is freely flowing.

Mary’s love of dance and drumming led her to an interest in Native American culture and an apprenticeship with an Okla-Choctaw Native American elder since 1993. (He has taught Native American culture, heritage, and traditions to both mainstream and Native American communities at more than 47 reservations across the United States and Canada).

Through this apprenticeship Mary has been given the honor of carrying the Ohio Valley Ceremonial Pipe. She shares Native American wisdom by conducting traditional pipe ceremonies for the spring and fall blessing, house balancing’s, and a “One-Night-in-Nature” vision quest for women. In addition to supporting various “personal” prayer needs with the Ohio Valley Ceremonial Pipe, Mary shares teachings for creating and using a personal prayer pipe bundle.

During her 24-year study of the Native American culture, she has also had the opportunity to receive teachings from various Native American elders and shamans throughout the United States. Her education has led her to opportunities to build sweat lodges and tipi’s and prepare them for ceremony. She’s participated in over 24 annual Buffalo Prayer Dances and has prepared for and experienced her own 3-day vision quest. In addition, Mary was invited to travel to Alaska by a Huichol shaman to learn the “Dance of the Deer” and acquire knowledge of their culture and practices. The shaman also invited Mary to undertake a shamanic apprenticeship.

Mary combines this Native American influence with a variety of energy and bodywork techniques including the use of tuning forks and a native hoop drum to encourage the body to awaken its inherent ability to heal. The methods also elicit a relaxation response which works to create a state of balance and promote the free flow of energy throughout both the physical and energetic bodies. Clients leave their sessions educated about a variety of self-care techniques and empowered to maintain a sense of balance and well-being at home. (VIEW LECTURES & SERVICES NOW…)

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