Meet the Psychic

Meet the Psychic

Native of Cleveland, Ohio Mark is a senior project engineer, working for a Fortune 500 company. He received his bachelor of industrial engineering from Cleveland State University Fenn College of Engineering. His desire to help others came naturally. Growing up, Mark took care of his disabled mother. As an engineer, Mark enjoys teaching math and tutoring engineering students. Mark discovered his passion for the metaphysical when he became acquainted with professionals in the field and was inevitably drawn to learn and practice these modalities. From that point on Mark studied and trained under those professionals who mentored and guided him. Mark has been a (READ MORE…) practicing medium for over eighteen years, his specialties include: hypnosis, depossessions, and intuitive readings. Mark is also a Reiki Master, but finds he uses other skills more than that healing art of Reiki.

People who are drawn to Mark usually find they are on a path of opening. A constant response after a session with Mark is that a spiritual door has opened, untapped knowledge is acquired, and a seed of illumination has been planted. Mark has a special way of bringing forth a person’s divinity for full view. (VIEW LECTURES & SESSIONS NOW…)

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