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Yoga Classes

Beginner Class and all level classes

This practice was created to add the healing and toning qualities of yoga to your life. Class starts with guided warm up stretches, theiinto simple sitting and standing poses to loosen joints, promote good posture and balance.

Breathing exercises and relaxation promote calmness between poses and at the conclusion of practice. Class ends with a deep relaxation and meditation to bring a sense of well-being to the body and peace to the mind.

Energizing Flow

Starts with the breath important to find ur center ground down into the mat – then start stretching warming up the body twisting starting to build heat. Manipulate your spine “U r only as young as your spine is flexible “ standing poses start to flow – moving flowing holding breathing with balance – challenging the body focusing the mind in the poses Winding down to the mat start to relax the back and feel the benefits of your practice by increasing flexibility with your vends and folds . Then the final Om and we conclude .

Ignite and Restore

Reconnect with your best self in a class that offers modifications for all levels from beginner to advanced. Soothe away tensions by focusing on your breath and the purity of the present moment. Take a journey through a progressively challenging practice that develops flexibility, strength, and balance all the while invigorating body, mind, and spirit. Wind down with a delicious restorative relaxation. Walk away completely renewed.

Rise and Shine

A gentle early morning rise and shine class that incrementally stretches and strengthens the body. Focuses on the awareness of breath, classical yoga poses gradually building from slow to moderate intensity, including attention to alignment & detail. Perfect for every level student and for those who wish to practice with a focus on connecting the mind, body and spirit together in a nurturing way.

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